Jerome’s Cream

in absense of doing anything important, I am streaming my friend and I playing CSGO

this about sums it up pt. 2

i thought the first one was Korn & I was like “what are you listening to that sounds like Korn”

given that the k-pop (or at least YG Entertainment’s) strategy is “take all the stuff from American pop music, filter it through Korean culture, profit,” I wouldn’t be surprised to get a Korean boy band that are heavily influenced by Issues and Three Dolla Bill, Y’all. They will make it awesome somehow. I eagerly await that day.

well that about sums it up

wait, it turns out that my mom isn’t friends with the Trimpers. we’re related to them. so I guess that’s something.

I had a fairly bad game as mid Ember Spirit (hey! I’ve only played a few games with the hero and I like him and want to learn) and this dude flamed the shit out me and also apparently thought my accent was Bulgarian.

e: he also accused me of buying my account, which ok

Ok, I found a photo that makes this whole thing way more palatable. I can’t believe that the tiny goddamn theme park I used to go to when I was like 8 is on the cover of a fairly legendary emo album or whatever. 

I think that’s the lifesaving museum in the middle left, and there’s a Dumser’s at the bottom because this is Ocean City, and there is always a Dumser’s

holy shit I’m homesick

e: actually that’s not the lifesaving museum, I think the boardwalk is to the left in this photo. you could def walk down that way and get some killer Thrasher’s Fries and Boog’s, doe

  1. Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT
  2. Aperture: f/10
  3. Exposure: 1/200th
  4. Focal Length: 86mm



The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good (1997)

From the entrance sign at Trimper’s Ride in Ocean City, Maryland.


10/10 album

Holy fuck, that’s Trimper’s? I’ve been there a million times and that’s definitely the white roller coaster that is (still) there. My mom is like good friends with that family. how weird. I think I have a gold pass for the park in my wallet somewhere. Ocean City represent (or something)?





"I’ll just play a quick game before I fold my laundry" :(

I mean, we won, and I played really well, but holy an hour

Baby’s first 60 minute game.

I think my longest was 73

Get at me when you have your first 90 minute PL game against mega creeps.

that sounds like death